None of Brandon, Mat nor Trevor ("Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure") are professional, qualified, or competent athletes.  We have no training, like, at all.  To the extent you read postings or consume content herein or elsewhere produced, endorsed, shared, or otherwise disseminated by Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure, or any of us ("content"), and/or internalize such content, and/or follow such (mis)advice contained in such content, you do so at SOLELY YOUR OWN RISK (for real, we mean it), with no recourse (legal, moral or otherwise), cause of action nor claim against Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure, or any of us, or any other contributing author, guest, podcast aficionado, personality, or any other legal person.  Really, we do not know what we are doing.  Anything you do is not our fault.  Period.  Seek professional advice from like doctors and trainers and things before attempting anything you see, hear or read here. Moreover, sports are hard, so if you want to sports in any form there is a large chance you will get injured or die or both, and that's on you and only you. Brandon and Trevor (and soon Mat) are constantly sore and hurting.  Constantly.  Especially the swimming stuff.  Do not just go jumping in the ocean in March because you bought a new wetsuit from a guy in a garage.  That is dumb. Brandon and Trevor are dumb.  Do not be like Brandon and Trevor.  Mat has kids, so he's probably a bit more responsible (like, a slight bit) but don't be like him either.  

Videos seen on this website of CatSeries Triathlon Sant Pol de Mar 2015 provided by VĂ­ctor Sanz via CC BY-SA