It's Monday and you all know what that means!

Books I'm Listening to/Reading

I Wear the Black Hat by Chuck Klosterman

Beyond Training Mastering Endurance, Health & Life by Ben Greenfield  Mastering Endurance, Health & Life

Article of the Week

Why You Should Focus on Watts per Kilogram - a good look at why Watts/KG is an important metric, much more informative than pure watt output. My focus is moving into the:  Increase your power output while also decreasing your weight, aren't we all ........

Words that Caught My Eye

“Determine early on whether your passion is your true calling, or just a fantasy to get out of your system” ― Tami Zhu

Gear that is Cool

Under Armour Core Shorts. I've had these bad boys for a while and have to say I'm a huge fan. Ultra-light, and skin tight providing a nice level of compression. Their X Band design mimics the functional anatomy of the body’s core area and supposedly boosts muscle performance. They were recommended to me by my physiotherapist to help recover and prevent & protect injuries to the hips, groin, pelvic, quads and hamstring areas. Since using them, I've definitely noticed a difference and would recommend them for training during longer running sessions.

Stretches of the Week

I stumbled across this pretty informative series - Levi's Core Challenge featuring one of my favourites for mobility and stretching: Kelly Starrett. This particular video addresses breathing efficiency. 


Happy Training!