In a previous post - Creating a liquid Obstacle! - we had the inspirational Crystal Phillips introduce you to her incredible story and the Branch Out Neurological Foundation. As a reminder, the Branch Out Neurological Foundation exists to help mitigate and eliminate the 600+ diseases of the nervous system that affect nearly 20% of the world's population! They fund a new field of research dubbed neuroCAM (neuroscience + complementary and alternative modalities). All the generous donations fund students and academics to engage in valid, peer-reviewed scientific research into traditional medicines and other forms of healing and preventative care not traditionally studied by Western medicine. Over the years I've had the pleasure of participating in numerous events put on by the Branch Out Foundation. One of these includes the Branch Out Bike Tour. The Bike Tour is a 80/100km bike ride held in beautiful Panorama Mountain Resort, near Invermere, BC. There are a number of reasons why I enjoy this event and would encourage anyone who loves to ride to attend:


The People - the people that are involved in this event are some of the most entertaining and fun people I've ever met. The organizers & volunteers bounce around like kids in a candy shop and the participants feed off the good vibes creating a unique and explosively fun environment. This is not your stuffy fundraising crowd at all. These are people who like to have fun for a good cause. What more could you ask for????

The Ride/Event - the 80/100km ride ends with a big hill climb (going down the hill first makes the climb worth it!) but provides some of the most beautiful scenery you can ask for. Crystal clear blue lakes. Mountains. Fresh Air. 500 riders. Open Roads. Ice Cream stops. Vuvuzela Horns. Cow Bells. Celebratory Beverages. Knowledge Dropping. Dancing. You just cannot go wrong.

The Cause - Over time I've got a little more hands on experience and seen what type of research the foundation funds; even meeting some of the researchers they fund. The more I learn and get involved, the more I can see the valuable, direct impact these donations have towards such a worthy cause and the more I love helping out!

If you're interested in riding I believe there are still spots available. You can sign up here.

Maybe you're more of the volunteering type? I'm sure they are always looking for volunteers for the event.

Help Me Reach My Fundraising Goal!

This year I've decided to set myself a fundraising goal of $2500 dollars.

I know there are many great charities to give towards, but I would greatly appreciate if anyone reading this would consider helping me reach my goal and more importantly support the Branch Out Neurological Foundation.

In the spirit of trying to achieve my goal, I will match, dollar for dollar, any donations made after reading this blog post. Now, I am a man of limited funds, so I will match any and all donations up to an inclusive $1000 in total donations.

If you make a donation after seeing this, either post a comment saying so or email me at and I will match it.

So please, check out my Fundraising Page (it can also be reached by clicking on the Branch Out Logo found on our blog) and considering supporting this great cause.

Any amount will help and is greatly appreciated. Thank you for considering!

Happy Riding!